Clearing your wardrobe is one of the most satisfying things a man can do with their wardrobe. It is a lot of effort, but once it is complete, it is very satisfying. Plus, there is no better way to find what clothes you have in your wardrobe than to clear them out. Furthermore, it is a great way to create more room and make the most of your storage.

When clearing your wardrobe, there is a set way you must do it. Here, we will give you a step-by-step guide to organising your wardrobe and making it less cluttered and more visually appealing.

Step One: Empty Your Wardrobe and Arrange Your Clothes

Firstly, you need to empty your wardrobe and do a stock count of what is in your wardrobe. Create separate piles for all of your clothes as well as a pile of clothes you want to throw away. Next, you want to create separate piles of clothes such as t-shirts, shorts, tracksuits, hoodies, jeans, pants and any other clothes.

Once you have all of your clothes out, you need to figure out what requires hanging up and what can be put on a shelf or in a drawer. For example, for your shirts and pants, you will require hangers, the same goes for any waistcoats you own.

Step Two: Shoes

Most men are guilty of throwing their footwear at the bottom of the wardrobe and leaving them there until they need them. However, we would advise that you take extra care with your shoes. Furthermore, there are many products online, such as Amazon, which you can buy to make the most of your storage.

Build your storage for your footwear and spread that across the bottom of your wardrobe. If you don’t have space in your wardrobe then create a shoe rack next to your wardrobe. Either way, you need to make sure that you look after your shoes and not leave them in a random pile in your wardrobe.

Step Three: Multifunctional Hangers

Multifunctional hangers are another great way to make more space in your wardrobe. These are for those fellas who have a tall wardrobe rather than a wide one. These multifunctional hangers will hang like a usual hanger but will have little slots where you can put more of your clothes. This is great if you wish to keep all of your shirts in one place.

Step Four: Putting Everything Back In

The final step to sorting your wardrobe is hanging everything up in the wardrobe. This is the most boring bit but if you arrange it correctly, it is oddly satisfying. Put all of your t-shirts together, then your hoodies and so on. If you have shelving in your wardrobe then place your tracksuits, hoodies and mens twin sets here. These are better places for them and you do not need to worry about these clothes creasing.

To Conclude

Once you have arranged your wardrobe, you will be a lot happier plus, you will not have what you have. We suggest you do this before a holiday so you know what clothes you can take away as well as what needs washing.