The Piercing Trend Taking the Celeb World by Storm

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In recent years, the humble ear piercing has moved quite far away from the traditional lobe earrings on both sides, and there is now a plethora of piercing types to choose from. Such a variety of choice has led to people being much more experimental with their accessorising, with carefully curated ears featuring multiple piercings seeing a huge rise in popularity. This trend, as most are, has been largely led by some of our favourite celebrities, with their every move being copied by their respective cult followings. Here we take a look specifically at one of the most popular piercings, and who has been at the forefront of its rising popularity.

What is a daith piercing?

You may or may not have heard of daith piercings, but some of your favourite celebrities certainly have! The daith piercing is placed at the centre of the ear, through the prominent cartilage fold next to the entrance of the ear canal. It forms the perfect focal point from which to build yourself an eye catching earring stack to complete any outfit, and is typically pierced with a hoop due to the location of the placement. Daith earrings are one of the more elegant types of ear piercing if you want something unique but still fairly discrete. Although it has been around as a piercing since the early 1990s, the daith piercing was typically associated with those who wanted a more alternative look, and it’s current rise in popularity throughout the 2020s is credited to celebs with a more widespread and mainstream following getting daith piercings and showing them off on social media.

Does getting a daith piercing hurt?

Whilst the location of a daith piercing looks like one of the more painful ear piercings, it’s actually reported to be less painful than some of the other areas of the ears. This is due to the fact that the cartilage in that part of the ear is thinner and softer than other areas, so the placement of the piercing is actually deceiving in terms of pain. Most people with a daith earring describe having it pierced as a sharp, scratching sensation at the point of piercing followed by a slight burning feeling, rather than being specifically painful.

Which celebrities have a daith piercing?

With daith piercings becoming increasingly popular, there are a plethora of celebs who sport this style of piercing.

Zoe Kravitz

Zoe has numerous ear piercings, including several lobe earrings, a tragus piercing in which she often wears a bejewelled stud, and, of course, a daith piercing. She frequently wears dainty charms on her daith earring to make it stand out as a focal point.

Kylie Jenner

Whilst the daith trend started out with more quirky celebrities, Kylie Jenner is one of the celebs credited with making it more mainstream. Kylie also has a number of piercings in her ears, including a pretty heart shaped daith earring.

Bella Thorne

With a total of seven piercings in her right ear, Bella Thorne is no stranger to ear piercings! Amongst her many earrings, she has a beautiful diamond encrusted daith earring right in the centre. Known for her sense of style, Bella has also had a hand in popularising the daith piercing amongst her many fans.

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