Your bag can become chaos with everyday wear. You throw random things in there and all of a sudden you can’t find a book or your cardholder amongst all your belongings. Once you start getting into a routine of organising your bag, your life may even begin to feel a little less chaotic. There’s a satisfaction that comes with organising your bags.

Learn to find a use for all the different sections of your work bag, and you’ll never feel flustered getting out a pen or an important document. Here’s our guide to organising your bag…

Prioritise your bag

First things first, empty your bag. Put aside all the essentials – a wallet for men is essential for any bag, as well as your work laptop and any important personal documents. Then, work out what items you reach for the most and make them easy to get – it may be your transport card, your water bottle, whatever it is, organise your bag so you can easily get to them. That embarrassment when you can’t find your belongings will seem like a distant memory!

Do you need that apple in your bag? Do you need that organizer, or can you use Outlook or Teams? Find a way to keep your bag light and practical – streamlining your bag will help you feel more at peace.

Use the compartments

We have a tendency to throw everything in our bags because it’s easy, but in the long run, it really isn’t! Your messenger bag has compartments, so use them wisely! Some bags may even have pen holders and small pockets to put your cardholders. This will make your organising experience a lot easier, and you’ll remember where you put everything.

Personal items such as keys and cards should be put in special pockets, and if possible, zipped ones. That way, if you have a long commute, you will be less concerned about your belongings, knowing that they’re safe. We recommend investing in a messenger bag or a briefcase with several compartments so you can carefully organise your things.

Clear out rubbish

We are all guilty of slipping credit card receipts into our bag until they create an impressive pile. We recommend that at least twice a month, you go through your bag and clear out the rubbish. You’ll be impressed by how much room you’ll gain, and how slick and tidy your bag will appear. If you do throw something in there, like a cereal bar wrapper, be sure to throw it in the bin once you reach the office. Your briefcase isn’t a bag after all!

Keep your tech safe

If you have a laptop, then be sure to invest in a bag that has a padded laptop sleeve to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged by other items in your bag such as a pen or a folder. If your tech is moving freely in your bag, you are more likely to damage the screen or the outside. There’s only so much your laptop can take!